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LOTTE.com Online Shopping Mall

LOTTE.com is the best and
first online shopping mall in South Korea,
with estimated 1,100,000 visitors a day.

LOTTE.com is a No.1 brand shopping mall, offering 92% of the all brands located in Lotte department store and Young Plaza.

A First-Class Marketing Strategy

Would you like to provide to your customers the best products and the most rewarding experiences?
Through Lotte.com’s distinct marketing platform, you will be able to take advantage of its unparalleled marketing strategy.

  • Power of Shopping - BIG Deal
  • The best brands surprising opportunities - Surprise
  • Everyday hot deals - Super Chance
  • Suprising shopping chance - Golden Bell
  • Shopping life story - How about this?
  • For all mothers and aunts - MOMO CLUB

Best Brand Mall

At Lotte.com, we create special space for the leading brands in order to accentuate their brand identity and brand power.

  • Giordano Premium Collection-New window
  • Fila Megastore-New window
  • LG Men's Collection-New window
  • Premierjour Collection-New window
  • Kumkang Mall-New window
  • Samsung Electronics SMART#-New window

2012 FILA B2ST Collection Best brand Mall stores website

Business Logistics,
Stock Keeping Unit(SKU) Service

UNIQLO, NIKE, FILA, TBJ are among the 45 brands currently taking advantage of our Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) service. This inventory service helps minimize the cost of the management of the product and stocking space. In fact, 99% of the goods stored are delivered within a day. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact the SKU Service Managing Director (MD).

Line inventory, logistics consignment service center photo

  • Employees’ On-Site

    We assign 649 staff members, including the CEO and top managing directors, to the Customer Service Center once a year in order to interact with our consumers directly and learn how to improve the quality of our services and products.

    Field work experience on-site photo

  • The Largest logistics Center in South Korea: 23,471.09 m2

    Our logistics center directly handles more than 45% of the orders from Lotte.com. We provide inventory, overnight shipping, Lotte E-Commerce Customizing Service (LECS) logistics, and many other specialized services.

    Lotte.com logistics center photo

SmartPick Service

Customers purchase an item online and pick-up the product in person from one of our stores after checking its quality. About 15,000 stores are currently providing this service, and the number of people who prefer this type of delivery method is increasing each month. Please consult the Merchandiser (MD) to obtain the guidelines and information regarding the service. Our Promotion Team will be available to assist you.

LOTTE Department Store, Angel-in-us Coffee, GS25, A TWOSOME PLACE companies use the services of the smart pick.

Smart Services

After its opening in June 1996, Lotte.com became the No.1 online shopping mall in the country by its ongoing efforts to develop premium customer service through simple and inviting methods. SmartPick led to the introduction of SmartPay and SmartWindow, and all three were launched in June 2010, making Lotte.com’s Smart Services a very accessible and appealing feature to all of its 17.2 million members.

TFREE SMART SERVICES Pay through your mobile device SMART PAY Pay online and pick it up personally SMART PICK Look easily for your items through pictures SMART WINDOW Pay online and pick it up personally - SMART PICK-new window Pay through your mobile device - SMARTPAY-new window Look easily for your items through pictures - SMART WINDOW-new window