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LOTTE.com Online Shopping Mall

LOTTE.com is the best and
first online shopping mall in South Korea,
with estimated 1,100,000 visitors a day.

LOTTE.com is the first online shopping mall in South Korea, which led the opening of Korea's electronic commerce era in 1996. As Lotte Group's e-commerce provider, LOTTE.com provides a shopping service that combines rich physical distribution infrastructure and e-commerce know-how.

LOTTE.com Main Service

Voice order

You can order a product with your voice at Lotte.com. Lotte.com is the first service that recognizes
voices with smartphone apps without any additional AI speakers, and works with order and delivery.
After accessing Lotte.com mobile app, you can access the voice order service immediately by
pressing the green chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Smart Chat Consultation
/ Samantha's chat recommendation

We provide 1: 1 real time mobile chat consultation and recommendation service for customer's
convenience. Smart Chat Consultation Service can answer to the questions customers might
have while shopping. 'Samantha's chat recommendation is an AI chatbot service.
Chatbot 'Samantha' analyzes the gender, age, item, and brand in the message entered by the
customer and recommends the product suitable for the customer.
The biggest advantage of "Samantha's chat recommendation" is that it can respond to customer's
questions within 3 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Style Recommendation

Style Recommendation Service is a service that analyzes the images of the products customers
want and finds products with similar colors and patterns. Style Recommendation Service offers
customers more convenient shopping service by not only sorting similar products but also by
showing products of different categories together as well. In addition, as data accumulate,
machine learning technology increases the accuracy of the search results.


Customers purchase items online and pick-up the product directly from one of our stores after
checking it. Now, people can use SmartPick Service at 37 Lotte Department Stores, approximately
4,500 7-eleven convenience stores, and 300 Hi-mart stores. Please consult the Merchandiser(MD)
to get the guidelines and information regarding the service. Our Promotion
Team will be available to assist you.